11:33 AM

Ridiculous Kermit the Frog Gifts for Adults

Ridiculous Kermit the Frog Gifts for Adults: Are you a die hard Kermit the Frog Fan? Modern Kermit the Frog gear features witty design, ridiculous products...and he's Green! These Kermit the Frog accessories are a fun and creative way to spice up your home, office of yourself! These make great Muppets housewarming gifts for friends and family! From the Kermit the Frog knit hats to the Kermit the Frog wall decals, you're sure to find something to make you smile.

10:29 AM

Princess Wine Glasses & Accessories

Princess Wine Glasses & Accessories: Are you a Princess? Do you know someone who is? Modern princess wine accessories feature witty design, a girly feel & are simply fabulous! These wine glasses & accessories are a fun and colorful way to spice up your wine time. These make great princess style housewarming gifts for friends and family! From the princess wine glasses to the princess wine stoppers, you're sure to find something to make your kitchen more of a castle.

3:28 PM

Wonder Woman Pajamas for Wonderful Women

Wonder Woman Pajamas for Wonderful Women: Is Wonder Woman your personal hero? She certainly is wonderful isn't she? Why not treat yourself to sleepwear that represents your inner superhero? Or maybe you have a special someone who exemplifies Wonder Woman herself? So thank her for all the fantastic things she does for you and get her something comfy to relax in while you pick up the slack! No matter your reasons, you'll be sure to find some truly lovely items on this page to give you a wonderful feeling!

9:56 AM

Funky Women's Pajamas

Funky Women's Pajamas: Nothing erases the stresses of the day like slipping into a good pair of jammies....and when you can do it in style, it's a little bit of heaven. Take a look at these high fashion Pj's for women; they are sure to bring out your individual taste & flair with everything from whimsical to wonderful.You have found your warm and fuzzy place.

9:03 AM

Hatley "Sax Appeal" Women's Slippers

Hatley "Sax Appeal" Women's Slippers
Toes need to be kept warm! One size fits most (9-11). Upper shell: 80% cotton, 20% polyester.

6:44 AM

Peace Sign Slippers

Peace Sign Slippers: Incense, peppermint and fuzzy feet forever! Let your toes' freak flag fly with fashionable and quality footwear featuring the peace sign. You'll find yourself in them not only at home, but the store, parties and parades. No one will protest you in these great looking slippers.

8:38 AM

Little Things Mean a Lot Angels

Little Things Mean a Lot Angels: Little Things Mean A Lot, named for its smallest of sentiment, yet created with A LOT of meaning, is an exquisite collection of angels, cherubs, plaques by the Pavilion Gift Company. Each item is delicately embellished with clear gemstones and accompanied with petite sized words that can be clearly seen through the wings of a personalized, credit card sized magnifier. Characterized by the beauty of movement, a big part of the line features stylized angels with finely meshed silver plated wings. Their dresses are adorned with highly embossed floral appliques. Great gifts for that special someone! Little Things Mean A Lot, think about it, they really do!

1:40 PM

Breast Cancer Angels

Breast Cancer Angels: Do you know a survivor? Looking for a gift that shows your support? These Breast cancer awareness angels are understated, timeless & would make a wonderful gift for anyone touched by Breast Cancer. They symbolize hope and strength for all.

9:40 AM

Purse Hangers by Finders Key Purse

Purse Hangers by Finders Key Purse: About the Purse Hangers...
Do you like to keep your purse within easy reach at all times? Find it hard to set your purse on the floor in some establishments? Then a Finders Key Purse Hang 'Em High Purse Hanger is the right accessory for you. Simply take your purse hanger out of it's convenient velvet pouch, unwind, set it on the table and hang your purse strap from the hook. It's that easy. This is one of the few times form meets function in a stylish accessory.

1:58 PM

High Heel Wine Bottle Holders

High Heel Wine Bottle Holders: These uber cute high heel ceramic shoes nestles your favorite bottle of wine.These fun and flirty high heel bottle holders also make a great way to give a gift of wine to your best girlfriend. It is a unique gift for any wine diva!

1:56 PM

Spirited Goddess Sculptures

Spirited Goddess Sculptures - $72.99
Surreal and full of life, the spirited goddess sculptures are fitted with celebratory headdresses and flowing robes. Each holds an offering vessel, which could be used to hold a ring or tiny treasure... what will your goddess offer? Using a variety of ceramic firing techniques, each goddess is created one at a time. As each is made by hand, very slight variations in the shape and color pattern should be expected - each is a distinct creation. Made in the USA. 

1:50 PM

Steel Lily Wall Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture

Steel Lily Wall Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture - $109.99
Handmade in the USA, this distinctive lily is hand-formed in steel, welded, and provided with glossy industrial-strength paints. The arching pink flower projects from the wall, providing a lively three-dimensional effct. Framed in sturdy steel and ready to hang - indoors or outdoors!.

1:49 PM

Amber & Alabaster Glass Swirl Pendant Necklace

Amber and Alabaster Glass Swirl Pendant Necklace - $119.99

A swirling bouquet of alabaster-white floats upon amber-brown glass in this captivating pendant for women of all ages. Using a contemporary technique known as fuming, fine silver is vaporized and deposited upon glass, forming dramatic alabaster-white contours. The swirling display is encased in flame-worked borosilicate (Pyrex) glass, heated to a molten state and blown to form the oval dome. Lush amber color glass is blended to provide the background and bail. The finished design is annealed at a controlled temperature, which relieves internal stresses in the glass and results in a strong, solid structure that can withstand daily wear.

1:46 PM

Sterling Silver Journey Necklace

Sterling Silver Journey Necklace - $139.99A stimulating work of sterling silver jewelry with a contemporary edge! The Journey Necklace, an exquisite metaphor of life's voyages, features a concave pendant textured with an engaging wave pattern. Atop the waves, a meandering line is embraced by polished silver spheres and green peridot gems acting as points of light along the journey. Artisan-crafted in the USA.

3:53 PM

Girly Ipad Sleeves

Girly Ipad Sleeves: "iPad Covers, iPad Sleeves, iPad Angry Bird Covers, iPad Hello Kitty Covers, Funky iPad Covers, Fun iPad Covers or All Business iPad Covers.............whatever you are looking for, they make it. This pulls some of the coolest together.


Aren't iPads are amazing! Thank you Apple for making something I can actually see. I have such a hard time seeing the iPhone because it is so small, although I love it and it never gets far away from me.

Everyone wants to protect their Ipad. But they don't have to protect it with something ugly, black and boring. Here is a list of fun, funky, colorful and unusual covers for your Ipad.

The Angry Bird iPad Cover is my favorite. I am completely hooked on that game. So as soon as I get an iPad (hint hint Marvin) that is what I will be purchasing. Let me know which one is your favorite."

11:22 AM

Dream Dot Golf Club Covers

Dream Dot Golf Club Covers - $    48.00

Hit the greens in style with our new Room It Up Golf Club Covers. Set includes 4 head covers in assorted sizes perfect for protecting your golf clubs in your golf bag. Featuring numeric patches that will allow you to distinguish your clubs with ease. Packaged with signature white ribbon.

11:08 AM

Victorian Lovelies Head Planter - Lily Rose Version

Victorian Lovelies Head Planter - Lily Rose Version - $    92.99
Victorian Lovelies are indoor planters meticulously hand-sculpted with a charismatic presence! The functional head planter consists of two pieces - the head acts as a holder for soil while a coordinating dish catches drainage water below, perfectly integrated as a part of the overall appearance. The Lily Rose features an inviting smile, blush cheeks, a carved purple rose and a bunny companion. Perfect for small indoor plants. Artisan-crafted in the USA and signed by the artist.

11:07 AM

Sea Glass Double Link Sterling Silver Necklace

Sea Glass Double Link Sterling Silver Necklace - $   159.99
An assembly of nine authentic sea glass fragments are accented with a double strand of sterling silver links to form this elegant and versatile necklace. Gathered along the California coast, the sea glass elements feature wonderful pastel shades of green, pink, cream, and light blue. Individually hand-worked sterling silver bezels adapt to and accent the organic shape of each glass gem with contemporary style. Set upon a sturdy sterling silver chain with an adjustable toggle length of 18 to 19 inches. Handmade in the USA.

12:57 PM

Envirosax Sesame Street Shoppers

Envirosax Sesame Street Shoppers: "Start your child out on the green foot with this set of five eco-friendly, reusable Sesame Street shopping bags from Envirosax. These durable, lightweight bags have sweet prints of all their favorite characters, and come rolled up in a snap-close pouch that's small enough to stash in a glove compartment or a medium-to-large handbag so it's always handy. Forego those plastic and paper sacks: Every time you shop, you'll be cutting back on clutter and waste."

1:37 PM

Comfort Creatures Happy Flower Large Creatures of Delight

Comfort Creatures Happy Flower Large Creatures of Delight - $   110.00
Large Happy Flower

Handmade products of a warped mindthese are from the weird and wacky world created by T. Oliver Kopian.

The world encompasses all sorts of creatures from real life to fantasy. Puppets, dolls, backpacks and more, take the form of dinosaurs, dragons, trolls and even clouds!

Each piece is painstakingly hand crafted from start to finish in a unique process known as Rubber Plush  from latex and fiber. The finished product is a cross between paper mache, molded rubber and a stuffed animal. All aspects of the process are done by hand; from the original sculpting and molding, to hand stuffing, and ultimately airbrush and detail painting.

Measures approx. 24" x 12" x 12"

Dedicated to the eradication of sourpusses and grumps!

These creatures are so tough they even make good dog toys. Creatures without feathers or adornments can also be used outside (see Creature Care). These cannot Pop. They are made from industrial grade latex which is very heat resistant and durable. The latex is non-toxic, as are the paints used on the creature. They pass all standard safety tests and meet or exceed all CPSC standards for toys.

10:44 AM

Cake In The City High Heel Cake & Pie Server

Cake In The City High Heel Cake & Pie Server: "Need a stylish cake server for that special event? Pump up your next party with this fun high heel cake server by Wild Eye Designs. The magnetic heel is removable for easy serving and clean up. It is perfect for bridal showers, weddings & any occasion."

2:25 PM

Snoozies Fleece Lines Fuzzy Slippers

Snoozies Fleece Lines Fuzzy Slippers: "Snoozies is not a sock and not a slipper, it is a cross between the two, making them a foot covering or footie!! Made of 100% Polyester. Snoozies includes white soft fleece lining inside, overall print on the out side and non skid sole on the bottom."

1:32 PM

Woozie Neoprene Wine Glass Sleeves

Woozie Neoprene Wine Glass Sleeves: "The Woozie is a wine coozie that is fun and functional. Keep your wine cool and always know which wine glass is yours. No more warm wine to tolerate or wet glass to hold. The perfect answer for your white or red wine...keeps the temperature constant summer or winter, inside or outside...at the beach, by the campfire, in the hot tub, at the pool, playing cards or Bunco, at a party, on a boat, at a wedding...the list goes on and on."

2:21 PM

Gnome Be Gone, Kendra Sugar Post Metal

Gnome Be Gone, Kendra
Sugar Post Metal
Gnome Be Gone Series

Garden Art or Table Art you Decide! Place this Gnome Be Gone on your tabletop for display or in your garden to scare off any unwanted creatures.

The simple fact they named this thing Kendra means I love it!

1:52 PM

Home Is Where The Heart Is Doormat

Home Is Where The Heart Is Doormat
- $    24.00
Just in case there's ANY question where your heart belongs, here's your public declaration. The contemporary shape, in Valentine red with white lettering, make it a stand-out statement. In modern, long-lasting, eco-friendly coir.